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Character Name: Beleth
Face Claim: Ian Somerlander
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Classification: Powerful Demon, who been alive since the beginning of time.

Was made when the first Magic was used. . Beleth was spawned by the use of magic. using magic, he converted himself Into a Demon. And hide in the Underworld. Waiting and Seeking, when Humans become humans, Beleth entered the Mortal Realm. And Made deals with them. After those deals were done, he granted them wishes, after ten years, hellhounds came and killed them. Those Souls were infused with Beleth Making him Stronger. Today he is undercover, acting as a Human. Masked by Powerful Dark Magic so no one would spot him. He works at the CIA. The life he had was beginning to bore him so he took on a new life. Beleth is the Demon Of Magic, Life and Reproduction.

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