Pauline "Paulie" Cartwright

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Pauline "Paulie" Cartwright

Post by Paulie Cartwright on Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:04 pm

Played By: Melissa McIntyre
Orientation: Gay

Being raised in south Boston, she always had to fight for what she wanted, and keep her head up. Paulie doesn't know much about her family, as she was given up for adoption at birth. Because of this, she had trouble trusting people, causing her to either get kicked out of a foster home, or run away.

When she was thirteen, the Cartwright's actually tried to help her, rather then, just take the governments money. After being with the Cartwright's for almost a year (much longer then any home she's ever been in), an incident happened. Nineteen year old Michael Cartwright fell asleep smoking as he wrote a college term paper, caused the house to go up in flames. Being on the other side of the house at the time, she was unable to get out. But, that didn't stop Joseph, her now father, to run back into the burning building to save her.

This act made Paulie realize they actually cared for her and wanted to apart of her family. So, on her fourteenth birthday, she was a legal Cartwright.

Last year, Paulie's junior year of high school, she had fallen for the principals daughter, Stephanie. When the school found out, Stephanie's boyfriend had his football team bash her, and the principal expelled her. Because of this, Paulie missed some classes and now has to repeat her junior year.

Over the summer, her and her family went camping. During one night, she ventured outside, for a reason she didn't know, and was bit in the leg by a werewolf. Her family currently doesn't believe her and she is being medicated for ADHD, bipolar disorder, and paranoid delusions.

The Cartwright family:
Father - Joseph Cartwright Sr. (51)
Mother - Melony Cartwright (48)
Birth son - Joseph Cartwright Jr. (25)
Birth son - Michael Cartwright (22)
Birth son - Kyle Cartwright (17)
Adopted daughter - Pauline Carthwright (17)
Birth daughter - Justine Carthwright (16)
Foster son - Peter Mahoney (16)
Foster daughter - Carolanne Cater (13)
Adopted son - Steven Carthwright (9)
Birth daughter - Bethany Cartwright (4)

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