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Post by Mikayla Davenport on Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:46 pm

Mikayla Davenport
Nickname(s): M. (Only family gets to call her Mickey)

Orientation: Bi (closeted)

Hometown: New York City, NY (Manhattan)

School: Harvard, Junior Class. English/Theater major(s).


Mikayla is an entertainer. Actress, singer, dancer. Mikayla wasn't quite sure what she wanted to be growing up, so she tried them all, but by the time she was a young teen she'd decided acting was her true passion. She gained minor fame by progressing from plays, to tv ads, to a recurring guest spot on the daytime soap 'Passions' along with some indie films.

Ironically enough, it was her role on 'Passions', as the kick-ass witch (which rhymes with another adjective closely linked to the role) Cassandra Cole, that altered her views on her chosen profession.

Now she strives to prove that a young actress can be more than just what the public perceives them to be.
Mikayla Davenport
Mikayla Davenport

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