Original Characters in game

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Original Characters in game Empty Original Characters in game

Post by Dawn Summers on Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:47 pm

Amanda Barton Buffy
Amy Delson Community/Buffy
Andraste Stargate/Buffy
Anna Fitzgerald Buffy
Becky Reynolds Buffy
Ben Sheridan Chuck
Cassie Williams Stargate
Claire Hathaway Buffy
Courtney Sullivan Chuck
Damara Buffy
Debbie Fraiser Buffy
Elle Madison Buffy
Emma Hetfield Buffy
Gwen Stewart Buffy
Guilluame Roy Chuck
Irene McGowan Buffy
Jake Madison Buffy
Jamie Madison Buffy
Jayne Moreno Buffy
Jayson Jaymes Moreno Buffy
Jed Brown Buffy
Jenny Joyce Buffy
Jessica Aruca Buffy
Jessica Spencer Buffy
Jessica Van Zant Chuck
Juliette Rayne Buffy
Keith Anderson Buffy
Katy Howard Buffy
Kristy Stone Buffy
Lisa Blair Buffy
Lisa MacManus Buffy
Liv Hayes Buffy
Loxxanna Buffy
Maggie Hathaway Buffy
Malcolm Moreno Buffy
Marissa Sinclair Buffy
Meg Cooper Buffy
Melissa Stewart Buffy
Melody Stewart Buffy
Mikayla Davenport Buffy
Morrigan Stargate
Nadia Buffy
Nicole Delson Community/Buffy
Phil Madison Buffy
Sam Madison Buffy
Sandy Levi Buffy
Sarah Buffy
Sarah Kindler Buffy
Stephanie Bartowski Chuck/Buffy
Steve Delvecchio Community/Buffy
Tim Erikson Chuck
TJ Joyce Buffy
Vanessa Madison Buffy
Victoria Madison Buffy

Original Characters in game Dawnnewsig
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