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The State of Buffy Empty The State of Buffy

Post by Dawn Summers on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:34 am

After Sunnydale has become a crater, the survivors of the battle head for sunny Los Angeles. After taking some time to recuperate at the Hyperion, new plans emerged. With the active hell mouth now located in Boston, Massachusetts, it is decided that is where they would head. The Watchers Council was reformed, now under the auspices of the British Ministry of Defense, with Rupert Giles as its head and Buffy Summers the Commander-in-Chief of the Slayers. With their ranks devestated, the members of Angel Investigations were recruited. Also, Harvard University was selected to train new Watchers in the United States, with Dawn Summers the first student.

Realizing her feelings for Kennedy were more needing someone in the heat of battle, Willow broke off her relationship with the slayer.

Please note, events are offset by six years.

The State of Buffy Dawnnewsig
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