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Post by Victoria Madison on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:05 am

Following the death of Special Agent Bryce Larkin and the uploading of the Intersect 2.0 into Chuck Bartowski, Team Bartowski takes a short break from field operations to allow Chuck to get used to the new Intersect. Within a few months, however, Operation Bartowski is back in action, though with some tension present between Agent Walker and Chuck. Most of the pressure seems to revolve around the fact that more and more of Chuck's personal life is being absorbed into his spy life, including his brother-in-law, Doctor Devon Woodcomb.

This comes to a head on one mission in which Captain Awesome, having been lured into a trap as bait for Chuck, is shot and wounded as team Bartowski makes it's exit, jumping in the way of a bullet intended for Chuck.. Chuck, Sarah and Casey rush him to the hospital with a cover story for his wound, but despite the best attempts of the doctors, Devon dies of his wounds on the operating table as Ellie and Chuck sit nervously in the waiting room.

In the days following Devon's death, Team Bartowski receives intel that the CIA is setting Steve Bartowski, aka Orion, up at a lab based on the MIT Campus outside Boston. As a result, the CIA covertly arranged for the Buy More corporate office to move the entire Burbank team to Boston to open the company's flagship store on the East Coast, to allow the Intersect and his team to be closer to the lab. Ellie, already torn up by the death of her husband, can't tolerate losing her brother as well, and ends up quitting her job at the hospital to move to Boston with Chuck. Luckily, she is a skilled enough physician that she lands a job at Massachusett's General Hospital before the group has even left California. Grieving for her husband, Ellie begs Sarah to come with her, the two having grown to be close friends over the past two years. Also she secretly hopes that Sarah and Chuck might be able to work out their diferences in a different city. Sarah, who needed a reason to move with the rest of Team Bartowski, gladly accepts.

And so the crew arrives in Boston, Chuck, Morgan, Casey, and the rest of the Buy More crowd to open a new store, Ellie to start her new life in Boston, and Steve Bartowski to support his son and daughter. Also the CIA has moved Sarah Walker to a new Orange Orange location, which just opened up at the Riverside Mall.
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